Our Canadian affiliate, Sector Canada, has been conducting business since August 1979, when it was established to provide repair services for all types of cutting machinery in the Canadian market. In the 1980's, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) systems revolutionized cutting technology; Sector Canada gained a substantial market share in Canada and earned many large contracts. Many of these customers wished to install Sector Canada's products in the US manufacturing plants, prompting the establishment of Sector USA. 

Since our establishment, we have expanded our products and services to include integrated retrofit flame and plasma cutting machines - CNC controls, optical tracing systems, CAD/CAM systems, complete turnkey cutting systems, "special" custom and welding machinery, abrasive water-jet cutting machines, repair service, spare parts, installation and technical support. In addition, our machine shop facility provides design and building of specialty machines and general machining.

Now, Sector Technology is at a point where new customers approach us as a result of recommendations from our existing customers. Our Kentucky facility, established 1993, allows us to be in a central location in the USA. In addition to our North American market, we currently distribute in Europe and parts of the Pacific Rim